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the Author

Michel Keijman

Date of birth: 27-5-1965

Born in Amersfoort / the Netherlands

Profession - Owner of two Travel

Agencies in the Netherlands

Meine Geschichte

Michel Keijman has now been looking after Cichlids for more than 40 years. The first cichlid he cared for were Rubricatochromis guttatus, not knowing that 26 years later he would go in search of this species himself. In the early period, the author mainly kept Central American cichlids, which he caught himself together with Hans van Heusden in countries such as Cuba, Mexico and Panama.


In the early years of this century, the author made his first trip to Ghana, this time again with Hans van Heusden. This was followed by several more collecting expeditions to Ghana, but in 2006 Hans van Heusden and the author made their first visit to Cameroon. Since 2006, the author has undertaken 11 more collecting expeditions to Cameroon. And on all these trips, the author managed to capture a huge number of fish and their biotopes, which made it possible (but also with the help of others) to optically shape this book.


The author wrote about 50+ articles in Magazines like AMAZONAS Magazine (Germany), AMAZONAS Aagazine (U.S.), Cichlid News, Ciklid Bladet, Dutch Cichlid Association, Italian Cichlid Association, French Cichlid Association and Practical Fishkeeping (UK) to name a few.


After publishing his first book: Cichlids from Guinea” - which was a great succes, he immediately started writing on his second book ‘ the Freshwater Fishes of Cameroon”. Now, two and a half years later this book turns out to be a “dictionary” if it comes to the fishes from Cameroon. Never before, over 400 species where photograpically presented in one book together. This book will be a reference work for quite some time when it comes to identifying fish species (in the field) from Cameroon.


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