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Book facts

Hardcover, landscape, full color, 464 pages, 403 species,

821 photos, 32 detailed distribution maps, English.

This book contains valuable information for the freshwater fish enthusiast originating from Cameroon (the Ichthyological hotspot of West Africa). Aquarists can find information on its distribution range, biotope, water values, and with which other species these fish coexist. Valuable information that any serious aquarist can use to create a biotope-accurate aquarium for his fish from Cameroon. 


The book is divided into chapters, each covering a special family of fish. This of course includes the many cichlids, killi, tetras, catfish, gobies etc.etc. There are two chapters on aquatic plants

and biotopes. In short, something for everyone. And everything is very nicely illustrated with beautiful photos, many of which have never been seen before. Also shown are some newly discovered fish species (cichlids, killi and tetras) that have also never been seen before.

Sewn binding with straight spine and headbands. High-quality silk paper, front cover with scratch-free varnish coating and embossing.

Due to the fact that there will only be one print, numbers are Limited.

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