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Who we are!


I am honoured that the authors listed below collaborated on my book and contributed to what it has become.


Joshua Pickett

Joshua Pickett is an author, science communicator, and aquarist, giving illumination to research through the use of visual language. He is a frequent contributor to wildlife publications, and works extensively with scientists to bring valuable insights into aquaria. He advocates for a change in how we view fishes, seeking to provide improved welfare and conservation for these aquatic animals too often regarded as disposable objects.

Joris Aerts
Peter Venstermans
Nothobranchiidae & Procatopodidae

Joris and Peter, are two Killi enthusiasts hailing from Belgium, who have made many a trip to Cameroon in search of Killi. That they have not been without merit in this is evident from the 84-page chapter that deals solely with the Killi from Cameroon. With beautiful photos provided by Peter (and completed with the help of several other  killi enthousiast) and with concise texts, they have set a standard when it comes to a photographic overview of the so far described (and even some undescribed) species from Cameroon.

Schermafbeelding 2023-09-11 om 14.10.24.png

Jouke van der Zee
Nothobranchiidae & Procatopodidae

Jouke van der Zee  who was born in 1953, graduated in biology in 1984 at Radboud University in Nijmegen (Netherlands). Specialization: aquatic ecology, fish embryology and fish culture. Since 1978 I am an associate taxonomist at Royal Museum of Central Africa and responsible for identification of African Cyprinodontiformes. I published many articles about killifishes  in international general and specialized aquarium journals , contributed to scientific books about the fish fauna of Upper and Lower Guinea and I described 25 killifish taxa in scientific journals.

Zuzana Musilová
Adrian Indermaur
Crater Lake cichlids & Mormyridae

Zuzana Musilova is a fish biologist and enthusiast with interest in fish evolution. She studies speciation in endemic cichlids from crater lakes in Cameroon. She also investigates how fish see in water and for this she also works with riverine mormyrids. Her research group is currently based in Prague, Czechia.

Adrian Indermaur is an organismal biologist with a special interest in all things fish. Currently he works in a research group based in Basel, Switzerland focusing on speciation and ecology within the Lake Tangayika cichlid radiation. Over the last 20 years though, he has explored many fresh water systems throughout the African Continent and gathered expertise in taxonomy and ecology of African freshwater fishes in general and cichlids especially.

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