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Ordering the Book


Thank you for your interest in my latest book called
"Freshwater Fishes of Cameroon"

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On this page, we explain the best way for you to do so. Follow the step-by-step plan, order the book and make the payment.


Once we have received all your details (address, number of books, etc. etc. and your full payment) we will prepare your order and it will be sent. Order registration form at the bottom of this page.
We would like to inform you now that shipping packages can take a long time these days. So please be patient. Shipping will start from 20 November 2023.


Bank payment

Step one     :

Complete the order form. Fill in how many books you want to order.

Multiply that number with the rate of the book € 79,50 (each).

Step two     :

Look up shipping costs in the list displayed at the bottom of this page. 

If your country is not on the list, take the last amount listed for shipping costs.

Multiply the shipping fee with the number of books you want to order.

Step three  :

Add up the amounts from step one and step two, and you have the total amount to be transferred. Be sure that any bank charges are paid by the client!


Step four    :

Transfer your payment to: 

Name of bank: Rabobank 

Country: Netherlands

Account number: NL29RABO0366479792

In the name of: M.C.W. Keijman


Very important!!!!!

Under description or payment reference, please mention:
Your full name, address, postal code, city, country and email address.


PayPal payments
We do not any payments through PayPal. Because of the high charges of PayPal. So we accpet only Bank transfers.

price .png
Order registration
Freshwater Fishes of Cameroon

Thank you very much for your order !

The bottom rates represents:
1 : the Netherlands € 9,25
2: USA € 53,50
3: Rest of the World € 51,-
(this includes South Korea)

Interim changes reserved. 
Applies on all published shipping rates.


Shipping costs per book

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